ACE Academy

Aerospace Career Education


Welcome to WinnAero’s ACE Academy, sponsored by WinnAero, Laconia Airport Authority and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The purpose of the Academy is to make students aware of the variety of careers available in the aerospace industry. These activities can only be made possible with strong support and encouragement from the aerospace community throughout New Hampshire. Please let our supporters and sponsors know that their support of youth in aerospace is greatly appreciated.

The Big Idea

When students hear the words “Aviation and Aerospace” they think of pilots and astronauts. The career fields of Aviation and Aerospace include hundreds of careers beginning on the surface of the Earth, extending into the atmosphere and reaching through the solar system to the edge of the universe.


  • To use aerospace activities to demonstrate the interrelationships of STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math
  • To develop an awareness of the variety of careers in the aerospace field
  • To encourage students to explore a variety of aerospace careers
  • To provide hands-on experiences for students