Wings Water Wheels

WinnAero’s Wings, Water, Wheels: Touch a Plane/Touch a Truck
Event at Laconia Airport on May 22 2022, from 10:00am to 2:00pm

Details for Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest and desire to participate in WinnAero’s primary fundraising event. WinnAero is a non-profit which meets at Laconia Airport. Our mission is to improve student achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) through aerospace activities. We do this by working directly with students (class tours of the airport, Summer ACE Academy) and by offering workshops for teachers, training them to use aerospace activities in their classrooms.

Wings, Water, Wheels is an annual event to encourage families to visit the airport, get close and personal with winged, wet and wheeled vehicles and meet the people and businesses that make up our diverse community.
Below are a few details to help you plan your participation for our event May 21st.

Aircraft Setup: Taxiway “Charlie” will be closed to traffic in front of the terminal during the event. Aircraft should line up on the taxiway wing tip to wing tip with props facing the terminal. The taxiway from the Sky Bright hangar, west to the runway will be open to EAA YE traffic. WinnAero Board members will be on hand to assist. Please plan to have all aircraft you plan to exhibit in place by 9:30 AM.

Vehicle Setup: The gate opens for participant setup at 7:00 AM. WinnAero Board members will be on hand to assist. All exhibiting vehicles will be displayed on the apron in front of the terminal building. Access to the apron is through the gate to the left of the terminal building. Please plan to have all equipment you plan to exhibit on site by 9:30 AM.

Table Exhibitor Setup: If you are exhibiting at a table on the grassy area beside the terminal, you can set up any time after 8:00 AM. We will supply you with a table and 2 chairs. If you wish to have a table and 2 chairs on the tarmac/apron near your static display, please let me know and we’ll have that for you when you arrive.

Aerospace Education Exhibitors: AE Exhibitors will be along the fence on the tarmac/apron from the terminal toward the Sky Bright Hangar. Participants include: ACE Academy, CAP Cadet Squadron, Lake Winnipesaukee High Powered Rocketry Club, and others. Set up any time after 8:00 AM. We will supply you with a table and 2 chairs.

Gate opens: The public is welcome from 10:00 AM until closing at 2:00 PM. We expect you will have one of your personnel to keep an eye on the equipment and answer questions. This is a “Touch” event, however, if you prefer NOT to have the public in your vehicle we will post a sign to indicate your desire. We will have student volunteers available to help if needed.

Advertising/Sponsorship: As an exhibitor, your company/group can display a banner on the fence at no charge (Granite Sponsor). If you are not exhibiting but wish to show support for our mission, you may do so with a $100 donation (for an additional charge, send us your artwork and we can have a banner made for you). We also have three other levels of sponsorship; Gold at $500, Silver at $250, and Bronze at $150. All sponsors will be listed according to their category, on the program, on Facebook and our newsletter which is published twice per year. I’m attaching a copy of our last newsletter (fall 2020) for your information.

Cleanup: After 2:00 PM, you will be able to depart. Vehicle Exhibitors, please be patient as we clear the area closest to the gate first and work our way across the tarmac/apron.
Thank you for your participation and support.